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Jan 17 Maturity

Jan 17 Maturity

Artist As Mother series is from this year’s sketchbook, a very personal exchange
about the relationship I have with myself as a mother and wife. Serving mostly as
an introspection of motherhood, the struggles I have being my daughter’s teacher,
when really she is my teacher, and finding humor in the painful growth stages we
both encounter. I tend towards sarcasm to deal with finding the bright side of
discomfort and enjoy playing with dark topics in a satirical way. All of the work
is drawn intuitively, scribbling lines until I can find an image out of a mess that
speaks to me. Often I am surprised by what my unconscious is delivering in form.
This series was a challenge I started in January. Never having had a sketchbook
before I decided to start one and commit to it for a year. I am curious where this
work will take me after twelve months of drawing.

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Interview with Maker Mamas about Artist As Mother Series




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