Retreat Offerings

Artistic workshops of self discovery and play

Available for speaking or teaching workshops for your venue, retreat, group or gathering.

Acclaimed fine artist and instructor Ruth Chase offers workshops of self-discovery, designed to encourage,

inspire and develop personal potential through art. Each workshop focuses on a different route to creativity.

All are reasonably priced. 

A few classes as options – From fine art to personal discovery – I can customize a workshop that will fit your gathering.

Previous Events 

A Few Ideas

Channel Drawing

Channel Drawing is an unusual workshop that relies on your intuition and spontaneity for the answer. Unlike many drawing classes where you’re told what to draw, here’s one designed to kick-start your on-the-spot creativity. For many, this workshop has been a route to personal freedom and acceptance. For others it’s an opportunity to connect to their higher self through art…. more

Inside Out

A charcoal-and-mixed-media class that provides a fascinating way to connect the abstract with the introspective. Visualization techniques encourage students to draw their inner worlds, and the results are often surprising as well as nurturing and validating. Curiosity is vital…more

Coming Out In Your Work w/ Mixed Media

This challenging workshop focuses on how to bring your personal style and content into your work, using mixed media.  By supporting each person at their own level from beginner to advanced this course will go through projects of self inquiry and practicing different styles of working.  Resulting in connecting the artist to a style of working that feels right and content that is true to themselves.

Charcoal Drawing

Any level of charcoal drawing can be available for your retreat or event. From figure, portrait or contemporary charcoal drawing. This can be taught to all levels of experience in the same class.

Anything  that is listed on my website can be made available for your event or I can create the perfect match. 

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Which of these workshops will you offer

in your next retreat?

Whichever ones you choose, you’ll know they will ignite creativity, nourish the soul

– and set the artist’s spirit free!

  • Each workshop runs 2-3 hrs
  • Reasonably priced, and suitable for every level of experience
  • Customized workshops available
  • Materials are provided by Ruth Chase Fine Art
  • Facility requirements are minimal

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