Current Work by Ruth Chase

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I am currently working on a new statement about my work. This shall be posted shortly. Until then, I can tell you that I am an intuitive artist working with spontaneous imagery that is never rehearsed or planned. I’ve been exploring charcoals for the past few years to get back to my drawing roots and reclaim my love for having my hands immersed in the making of art. I work on a series at a time, they usually have a theme, something I am unaware of until its birth.

I’m about to emerge from a new series, soon to be revealed.

interesting charcoal drawing 

See More Work 

SeeContemporary art drawings with spirit 

If you have an interest in purchasing art from Ruth, please contact her by clicking here.

  • Payment options are all major credit cards.
  • Shipping options are upon request, prices are kept to a minimum. USPS, FedEx, UPS.
  • 7 days to view art for approval prior to return shipping.
  • 100% guarantee of quality of work or a full refund.

2 thoughts on “Current Work by Ruth Chase

  1. Hi Ruth~ I got a wonderful Christmas present from my friend and it was a small painting of yours with a fortune inside. I love it and I’d like to purchase a print. I love your work!

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