Fine Art Classes

Designed to encourage, inspire and develop artistic potential through visual art. Using a combination of traditional and progressive methods to train the artist eye for seeing literally and intuitively as a tool to composing art that has a personal voice.


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Painting & Drawing | Studio Group: Bi-weekly morning open studio painting and drawing group.

Coming Out In Your Work w/ Charcoal Drawing: 6 week class that focuses on how to bring your personal style and content into your work, using charcoal

Private Lessons: In studio lessons on drawing or painting at an hourly rate of $55 hr.

Charcoal Basics:  Basic drawing skills and use of charcoal on paper.

Portrayal Drawing: Drawing the portrait in charcoal.

Figure Drawing: Drawing the figure in charcoal.

Courage: An interactive talk about how art takes courage.

Draw Your Story: How to use your story for content in your work.

Creative Thinking: A fun and easy class that opens the strengthens the right brain.