Becoming A Better Sinner

I’m having a revisit with my recent series “Becoming a Better Sinner”

Becoming A Better Sinner series is about the structures we put in place to try to make us feel right or belong that result in a residue of guilt from self-betrayal.  It’s about confronting dogma that doesn’t fit and owning your authentic self.  As a young girl I mostly listened to my own voice over anyone else’s.  I still felt guilty, but did it anyway.  I remember the look on my mother’s face when I came home with fuchsia hair.  She said to me,  “Where’s my little girl?”  Yep, I felt like a sinner. So these days, I’m working on embracing the “Sinner” voice.  I’m playing with the meaning of the word and finding out what it means to me, a word with so much charge and button-pushing in our world. I find that what others may call a sin isn’t really what I would call a sin.  However I invite you to find your own meaning in the work.

In The Eye Of The Beholder | 12 X 12" | Available

In The Eye Of The Beholder | 12 X 12″ | Available



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