Dead Files Sketch Artist – Ruth Chase

This week I was a sketch artist for the TV reality program called The Dead Files on The Travel Channel. Even better, I brought my daughter along to see how the film industry works. I used to be a Set Decorator in LA for several years. So it was fun to show my daughter what I was talking about.

Also, it was incredibly interesting to meet Amy, the intuitive reader. She’s the real deal. Our night started at 8pm and went until midnight. We were both really tired and my little trooper actually got up and went to school the next day. As far as my drawings go, I was satisfied with what I did for the time and content I had to create. I’ll show them after the segment airs.

When it airs in September, I’ll let you know. I’m kinda freaked OUT to see myself on TV. They gave me speaking lines, YIKES!






Our local newspaper did a short article.

Click Here To Read The Union article on Holbrooke Hotel to host Travel Channel’s ‘The Dead Files’

Let me know if you saw it?


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