Easy Fine Art Lessons Kids, Adults, Homeschoolers

Our daughter is super lucky to go to the school she goes to. It’s a hybrid on campus and homeschool program. I never thought I would be the “Homeschool Mom” type. But I am, and it is nothing like I thought it would be.

Even though I have years of experience teaching art, I picked up this book anyway. It is such a great, super easy art book with lessons to follow. In fact you don’t even need to have any art experience to work with your kid through it. Or for that matter at any age. My daughter is almost ten, however I would say this book could fit ages 7 – 100 years young. This author has other books for younger ages FYI.


  1. First, we collected all of the materials they listed in the book, and put them in a nifty caddy.
  2. Then we look in the back of the book and read about the artist profile, highlight their name, kids love highlighting.
  3. A quick google search for the artist’s name to see more Images, for another level of involvement. You can also use an App called Wiki Art. If your sensitive to what your kid sees imagery wise, then you may want to look ahead and pick images prior to opening a page of content that might not fit your lifestyle. Or chalk it up to another learning opportunity. “yes that is a penis, boys have them” 
  4. Chapter by chapter we are working through the book, and learning a great deal about art.

IMG_0703   FullSizeRender






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