Art-O-Mat At The Crocker Art Museum Today

Today, like every Sunday, I’m teaching charcoal drawing at the Crocker Art Museum. This week I was sure to get there early so I could check out the Art-O-Mat vending machine in the lobby. Heres how it went.

At The Crocker Museum           tokens corcker

First I purchased tokens in the adjoining gift shop for $5. Wait, what is an Art-o-Mat? It’s a vending machine that you can buy actual art from, way cool, way fun… WAY. Laughing at myself here. I soooo grew up at the beach.

Art O Matic Buttons   ArtOMatic

So I bought 2 tokens, giddy with excitement. First I chose a cool looking black and white box and then I choose a Jazzy looking piece with blue painting. What came rolling down the vending machine and dropping into the “take me now” landing pad was a hand painted block entitled “The Tuba Player” and ceramic disk with a sly looking happy sun stamped into it.

what I got art o matic  bulwinkle art

Left, artist Pollux “The Tuba Player”                                                       Right, artist Bulwinkle



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