Journal Entry: Living in San Francisco

Ruth Chase SFAI 1988

5 of the best years of my life were spent there. I was a student at San Francisco Art Institute from 1985-90 as a painting major. It was my first time away from home (Venice) and in a world so different from where I grew up. Many hours were spent laying on the roof of SFAI, watching the clouds parade by in the way that they do over the bay. I found myself learning about politics, walking in protests, cultures different from mine, submerging myself in Chinatown, and learning about lifestyles that were fascinating, by dipping into clubs in the tenderloin, the Height and the Castro, also eating and drinking things I didn’t know existed.

I was also there for the big quake and that is a whole chapter unto itself.  What a memory.

For an artist in her 20’s, San Francisco created an insatiable smörgåsbord of world offerings that have imprinted me for life.



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