Journal Entry: Being an Artist in a Small Town

If you know me, you know my biggest complaint about living in a small town is feeling like I work in a bubble. I love where I live, but I don’t love where I work.

My beautiful studio is 3 miles out from a small town, located on eight acres, thick with pines and doug fir trees. Sincerely heaven, minus the fact I don’t get the comradery that helps my creative process, by being in a group space or having people stop by.

This last weekend. at the Open Studio Tour,  a lot of artist friends, Like Lil McGill, who took this picture of me, and the public, stopped by. I got to process my work, and hear what other people saw, thought, and felt about my newest series “Becoming a Better Sinner“. It was a gift, and now I feel ready to move on in my work with clarity. Hearing what others experience, helps me to understand what is important for me in my work. It’s a way of seeing my work in another dimension. I feel a huge shift happening because of the interactions I had. A sort of realization or awakening. HOT DOG, inspiration!

If you’re around this weekend, stop by. I would love to chat about art in general, have a glass of wine, and would enjoy the visit.

See blog post by OutsideInn blog post about the Open Studios.

1014068_10204851072137201_2826879860340899204_nRuth chase Fine Art Sale

Follow the signs located at the corner of Banner Lava Cap and Caroline Lane in Nevada City, CA.

Open this Saturday and Sunday 10-5

Tour Map 2014


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