Top 10 Questions to Ask When Viewing Art

When your going to an art show, exhibition or find yourself in front of a bunch of art, you can ask yourself the following questions to become more engaged with the work.

how to view art

  1. Where is the artist most present in this piece?
  2. What was happening in life/history at the time this piece was made?
  3. Why would an artist even do this piece, choose this content etc…?
  4. How is the artist using this medium/art materials in your opinion?
  5. What is the mood of the piece?, somber, happy, introspective…?
  6. What could you imagine doing differently in the work?
  7. If this piece were in your home, how would it feel to walk by it everyday?
  8. How would the artwork feel if it were another size, like, 10’x10′ or 10″x10″?
  9. Would this be something you would like to try making?
  10. Do you value this art, if so why or why not?

Simply liking art for no reason is a good enough. However, one of the things I love so much about art in all forms, is its ability to transform our thinking and so much more. Art is often asking more questions than it is answering. Like a great novel or powerful piece of poetry, enjoy art by engaging the elements of the piece. Remember, art can be enjoyed solely because it’s beautiful, and or because it’s thought-provoking.

by Ruth Chase

If you have a question about ART click HERE.

How to view art, what to ask. 10 questions to ask when viewing art. 


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