What IS Love

LOVE IS…     Imagination

The topic of imagination is constantly following me around. What is imagination? How can I use it? What’s its purpose? Why do we have it? 

Whenever I’m asked what I’m grateful for, “MY Imagination” is what comes up first. Imagination is one thought that leads to another and another that frees me from pain, fear, and stress toward possibility, hope, fascination, and solution or freedom. To me, my imagination is a way I love myself to upgrade any moment that, well, sucks. When I’m sick, I imagine wellness. When I’m in pain, I remember not being in pain. Or when I’m wanting to do something I’m afraid of, I encourage myself by imagining how I can do it.

I love myself by using my imagination to create my world around me, either by imagining it better than it may appear or to find solutions. My imagination is a tool for self-love; it’s the force, the creative energy, and the elixir for making change…and for making myself feel good, better, hopeful.

 It is love, and I love my imagination.

Wishing you a love – filled – month,


love love


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