Book Review: Something for your daily creative practice

Walking In this world by juliea cameron

Walking in this World: The Practical Art of Creativity

Julia Cameron


Walking in This World picks up where Julia Cameron’s bestselling book on the creative process, The Artist’s Way, left off to present readers with a second course—Part Two in an amazing journey toward discovering our human potential. Full of valuable new strategies and techniques for breaking through difficult creative ground, this is the “intermediate level” of the Artist’s Way program.

A profoundly inspired work by the leading authority on the subject of creativity, Walking in This World is an invaluable tool for artists. This second book is followed by Finding Water, the third book in The Artist’s Way trilogy.

Ruth’s Review

In art school we often poo pooed The Artist Way. Recently I picked up this book and read it only to find out its wonderful. This book is great for tapping into your creativity in a spiritual but not woo woo way. A gentle book for anyone who is or wants to embrace creativity as a life force.

I highly recommend this book. It is not an “art” project based book but rather a life approach towards creative energy.

love this book


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